Queer Heart Men's T-Shirt

CHF 29.95

PrideArtikel.com - Pride Shop and Rainbowshop for rainbow flags and other Pride articles on the internet and in our LGBTOIA+ Store in Bern!

Welcome to PrideArtikel.com the Rainbowshop from Bern. In the Pride Shop of PrideArtikel.com you will find a wide range of different LGBTQIA+ products such as the classic rainbow flag and other items from the queer community. People from young to old would like to express their sexual orientation or solidarity with the queer community at a Zurich Pride or rural Pride event. For this and to make our world a little more colourful, we founded PrideArtikel.com. A rainbow shop where you can buy rainbow flags and finite products on site in Bern's old town. Or order a rainbow bag from the comfort of your own home. There are different sexual orientations and new ones are constantly being added, they all want to be seen and heard. That's why we are constantly trying to expand our wide range of Pride products and stock new and interesting items. Fair prices, good quality and variety are essential in our Pride business. In addition, we are always working on new and unusual product ideas, which we sell under our brand label ABEGG RAINBOW. Among other things, we work more and more often with partners by designing and producing products together with people from the LGBTQIA+ scene. For example, the Queer Heart products were created when three young women asked us if we would be interested in supporting them with their final project. So they created and designed two different designs, which we then discussed and evaluated. The idea and design for the Queer Heart products came from the three young women who wanted to make a difference in the LGBTQIA+ community. We took on the production order and also the distribution of the products. We are happy to be able to contribute to a more colourful, tolerant and better world. We are happy to sell and send our colourful Pride articles all over the world. For special events like the Zurich Pride, where we like to be present, we also design specially tailored products, as well as for political votes in the LGBT area. For example, we successfully developed products and brought them to the people during the referendum in Switzerland on the subject of marriage for all. Our company and shop motto is therefore LOVE is LOVE!

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